Saturday, 9 August 2008

9th August - Panda with a hidden talent

Why do people refer to the post-reaction of consuming an intolerable amount of alcohol as being 'hung over' ? I certainly do not feel 'hung-over'! More like an incredible urge to throttle myself and be done with this misery!

So aside from getting completely intoxicated yesterday, I finally managed to kill that level 6 boss. I now play as Buffy, a seemly attractive computer generated image of a skimpy girl in hot pants...*drooling*

Me and Natasha watched Kung-Fu Panda today. It was gay.

God damn these cheap pirated DVDs. The image was so terrible that the lead character looked like a Panda. I suppose it was hilarious.

Note to self: Kill the Chinese guy with the bootleg DVDs and buy a cinema ticket

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