Saturday, 16 August 2008

16th August - God you're are great

Wow can you believe how the weather has been holding up in the last two days?


I'll take my umbrella.

Grabbed the late show with Natasha, Charan, Jas, Lucky and his girlfriend last night for 'God Tusi Great Ho'.

Translation: God is great.

Good little Bollywood flick which carbon copies Bruce Almighty right to the very scene where Jim Carey pulls the moon closer and the world is in anarchy. Never the less, it was an enjoyable and at some points, a very funny movie.

We scoffed 3 large pizzas.

Kudos to the service at Pizza Hut, Feltham. They suck

Not much planned for today, had my washing machine installed today. The guy who installed it looked a little like Freddy Prince Jr, though I'm fairly certain that deep down he was an alien or a she-man.

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