Friday, 8 August 2008

8th August - Last day of the Week, First day of my Blog

Being the sheep I've decided to follow the herd and jump on this fun bandwagon that we all know as 'Blogging'. When I first heard the phrase 'blogging' being coined around I instantly thought of a male mid 30's office worker sitting on the toilet and reading The Independent, his face is obscured by my lack of creative imagination, all I can see is the toilet cubicle, the blue shirt and the neatly pressed trouser at ankle length.

How wrong I was

Alas, after consulting with Mr. Glen Oogle and his distant cousin Wiki, I have managed to piece together the fact that blogging is the new age diary-like craze where one can even amass a steady fan base!


So it the last day of the working week! I have nothing planned for tonight. I will most probably play on my PlayStation and watch my dear beloved girlfriend flirt with my good friend while I stare hard at the TV screen trying to kill that all-so-annoying level 6 boss.

Perhaps I might even catch a glimpse of them making out from the reflection of the TV.

(Lets hope that there is no glare from the sun this time. Hmph)

Excellent, so this would not only confirm my suspicions but would also provide a legitimate reason when the prosecutor asks why I bought a AK47 sub-machine gun from eBay - Bargain!

Note to self: Kill the TV license man and buy a lottery ticket.

Something tells me I might win, it is after all 8th August 2008. The symbolic day of gambling - 888.

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