Thursday, 14 August 2008

14th August - Midlife Crisis

Cycling back on my 6 mile route from work to home it suddenly occur ed to me that I'm having a midlife crisis.

Arguably, the majority would say that a mid-life crisis typically occurs around the age of 35.

Seeing as I'll probably die around 50, I'd say being 25 and going through a midlife crisis certainly holds true


So there I was cycling when it suddenly occur ed to me that my life has become nothing more than a routine. Wake up, go to work, work, go back home, eat, sleep and then the cycle continues.

This new and rather disturbing findings has led me to believe that not only do UFOs exist, but it is now time to introduce some radical changes in to my life. More specifically, to inject an element of excitement into this very old and hip dog.

It's time to take up those ballet lessons.

Note to self: Must win the lottery real soon

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