Monday, 2 March 2009

2nd March - Fitness Progress

Today I work up at 6am to go for a run. I wasn't quite sure that I was going to do it, but after my alarm went through several cycles of going off-snooze-going off -snooze I finally got up and went.

It was only for 2 miles, but it was worth it. Came home, had a shower and then went to work. It certainly topped my energy levels up :-)

My legs are throbbing, yesterday I had a 3 hour football match and another 1 mile run the day before.

I'm hoping to go for an early run tomorrow! I really hope I can commit to this!

Me & Tasha have been watching Lost recently, it certainly makes for good pass time!

I also managed to save my company some money by resolving some technical issues that would have otherwise cost a few bucks!

all-in-all I'm feeling quite smug :-)

Things seem to be going well. I even played online blackjack and won £25!


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