Wednesday, 25 February 2009

25th February - Poor fitness

On a four-day long training course with my technical director, Johan. We've agreed to get a fair bit of fitness done within these four days. What a mistake!

I went for a cross country run with Johan last night. Let just say, out of the 5 miles, I only lasted a little over 1!

My calves just could not handle the terrain!

I wonder if Johan is human! He made the whole thing look like a walk-in-the park

I hang my head in shame!

I suppose saying last night was a mistake is a bit naive. Infact, I'm glad. I now know how unfit I am and last night has now given me the opportunaity to assess my fitness and create new fitness goals.

I'm going to work on my cardio, maybe after several months I can keep up with Johan for the first 5 miles! (Right!)

Tasha wants me to get up in the morning before work and go for a quick run. I think she is right.

Can't wait to buy some new trainers and start building my fitness up again!

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