Friday, 16 January 2009

16th January - New Year, New Goals

It been a couple of months since I last blogged.

I almost forgot how relaxing it can be!

So to update in a nutshell, Christmas and New Years was fantastic! Spent this with Tasha and her family. Her Uncle dressed up as Santa Clause for the kids and drinks were flowing all new years eve.

The best bit though was spending these two important dates with her Majesty, Miss Lalji!

So fast forward and we are now in 2009.

I need to set some goals, no matter how tedious they may be.

* I'm 24,
* I have my own place and independence
* I have a steady income
* I have a car I love
* I have a stable relationship with a girlfriend I love even more
* I have a job that I enjoy thoroughly. The atmosphere, people and opportunities are great
* I've quite smoking and rarely drink
* I play a lot more sport now

Here are my goals for 2009

* Complete my CCNP qualification, ideally before my 25th birthday
* Complete my Palo Alto qualification
* Play football at least twice a week
* Play badminton at least once a week
* Swim and run at least once a week
* Try eat more healthy - Cut down on sugars and fatty foods
* Once my cardio has improved, start going to the gym.
* Go out socially at least once a fortnight
* Keep more frequent contact with friends and family
* Start a dream journel!

So these are my goals which I hope to start first thing next Monday (currently nursing a foot injury).

Wish me luck!

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