Tuesday, 9 September 2008

09th September - My GF, The Techno Whiz

As many may know, my profession is IT. So it is naturally assumed that I would be pretty clued up with all the new gimmicks that the Internet unleashes on a day to day basis

From Facebook to Hotmail, you would expect between me and Natasha, who's field is fashion, I would be the most techno savvy one! I would be the one holstering the latest gizmo's and gadgets!

But for reasons known beyond me, it is SHE who is with the techno times! Not I!

What? You don't believe me??

Well, why don't you ask her yourself!

You could ask her in a number of ways, here are a few to list

1) Write a message on her wall via "Facebook"

2) Send her a message via "Facebook" or "HI5"

3) Send her an instant message via "MSN" or "Facebook"

4) Video conference with her via "MSN" or "Skype"

5) Send her an email at her "Hotmail" or "GMail" account

6) Post a message on her "YouTube" Channel

7) Leave her a comment on her "BlogSpot"

8) Drop her an "SMS" or "MMS"

9) Use the "Ask the seller a question" feature on her "eBay" page

Or if she not too busy pumping her "IPOD" with the latest "ITunes" from her "Laptop" or "Desktop", you could ring her on her "Mobile" phone.

That not all you can ask her.

Want to know;

1) How to get from the toilet to the living room? She can give you directions using "Google Maps"

2) What train to catch? She will tell you all you need to know using "TFL Journey Planner"

3) The history of King Henry VIII? She will look it up on "Wikipedia"

4) How to build a PC? She will "Google" it

5) The best deals at Asda? She will search this on "MoneySavingExpert.com"

Yep, there is no doubt about it. My girlfriend Kung-fu is way better than mine! She is the techno-savvy one!

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