Monday, 8 September 2008

08th September - Movie Bonanza!

This weekend left me feeling really chuffed and pleased with myself.

I managed to watch 3 movies at the cinema and procure free coke at the cost of £0.00 !

The movies were down to using my Friend's unlimited cinema pass but the free coke was down to the genius embedded in the very core of my living fibre!

It was as simple as pie.

Take an old coke carton (plenty lying around in the cinema), fill the left over coke with water and then simply take it to the counter and tell them that it is flat.

They then give you a new one!

Bargain? Nope. Just pure genius!

So aside from Saturday night movie bonanza, me, Tasha, Lucky and Simran went to Nando for a slap-up chicken fiesta!

This was then topped by a buy one get one free Pizza for the evening's nourishment.

Healthy eating? Of course!

Oh well Monday morning....

....Back to work!

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