Monday, 18 May 2009

18th May - I'm Down Under!

I'm currently in Australia for 2 weeks on business (customer install).

Wow what a flight! Almost 26 hours from London Heathrow with a pit stop at Hong Kong for refuelling. Speaking of Hong Kong, nearly every local there was wearing one of those surgeon's mask in response to the whole Swine Flue pandemic. What interesting is that even if Swine Flu was present, would those surgeon masks really help????


It now my third day in Aussie land, and I have yet to become a victim of Jet lag! Looks like I beat it! Sweeet!

Can't wait to tell the guys back at the office how jet lags is for chumps! Haha

So day 1, we checked in to our apartment around 9pm. We then went to Hollywood kebab in Richmond street and then went on a pub crawl from Richmond street back to where we are, in St Kilda (Melbourne, Victoria).

Day 2, had a 2 mile run with Dan on the Australian coast. We then went to Victoria market, checked out the local shops, ate roasted kangaroo with oysters and watched the new Star Trek movie, which is an awesome movie by the way!

Day 3, we moved to a bigger apartment and went out to the city, which looked exactly like Oxford street! We hoped on a tram and took a tour of the city...pretty neat

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