Wednesday, 8 October 2008

08th October - Life is more meaningful

It been a while since my last blog!

Work has been quite steady and fulfilling, but more so is the other aspects of my life. I am now regularly playing badminton, football and working out in the gym.

In addition, I often find myself going to the movies 2-3 times a week and I find that I have more time to play my PSP and more time to enjoy my girlfriend cooking.

(on that note, Sunny recommends you watch the following moves: Eden Lake, Taken)

Suddenly my life seems to have more meaning to it.

I enjoy the company I am with, both in my work environment and my home / social environment.

The best bit about all this, is that I get to do most of these activities with my significant other. I like the fact that we share a wee bit of common ground i.e. badminton, gym, movies, cycling, and healthy eating to say the least.

I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend, thank you Tasha.

Well October is now setting in, which means sunlight will cease to exist come 4pm!

What does this mean for me?

I am no longer cycling to work :-(

On the upside, I get to spend the morning on my commute to work playing my PSP.

I suppose the lack of cycling will now be made up by the regular slot of football, gym and badminton sessions.

Well I'm hungry now so it off to Tesco in pursuit for nutritional sustenance that will not only quash my hunger for a reasonable amount of time but will also satisfy my taste buds.

Cadbury cream egg it is then!

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